Red Top Farm Market

From Our Family to Yours

Family owned and operated for nearly 100 years, Red Top Farm Market offers locally grown fresh vegetables, fruits, flowers, plants and more to our community. From their humble beginnings as a curbside stand, today Red Top stands out as a landmark and destination for families traveling along NJ-70 to and from the Jersey Shore.

Red Top approached REV to expand their trusted brand by building an online presence to strengthen their strong community ties. We were immediately drawn to the fun-loving, hard-working family and couldn’t wait to get started.


After seeing nearly 100 years of success without even having a website, the family knew the time had finally come. If they wanted to expand and reach key target audiences (long-time customers, new generations of gardeners, families headed to and from the shore), building a strong online presence was essential.

Red Top also knew that attracting vacationers on their way to and from the shore, especially during holiday weekends, had the potential to drive revenue. Once the website launched, they needed to find creative ways to drive traffic during key points of the year.

Our Approach

Lettuce celebrate! Romaine calm. You’re so CORNy. Okay, enough with the vegetable puns… but this just goes to show the fun we have working with the Red Top family. We developed the following marketing solutions designed to build brand awareness in new geographic areas and drive traffic to the market:

  • Visually expand the classic Red Top brand using a complimentary colorway and fonts
  • Develop messaging through storytelling
  • Design and develop an SEO optimized WordPress website
  • Create a digital marketing strategy for Facebook and Instagram
  • Design custom branded digital ads featuring seasonal products and holidays


After the launching the website and digital advertising campaign, traffic started to pour into the website exceeding our expectations for conversions. The social media ads received a tremendous amount of engagement with users consistently sharing their love for the historic farm market. We’re proud to continue working with the Red Top team and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for the brand.


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