Your Journey to Wellness & Healing Begins Here

Nagare, a wellness center based in Haddonfield, New Jersey, focuses on holistic healing through The GYROTONIC® Method, Reiki and Sound Healing. Nagare’s mission is to help people find their flow – their own personal rhythm, best self and greatest level of peace.

When the owner approached REV, the business was restructuring business goals to focus on new therapeutic modalities. Our role was to reflect these changes by creating a new brand identity and website. We felt personally connected to Nagare’s purpose and couldn’t wait to tell their inspiring story.  


After years of focusing mainly on the GYROTONIC® Method, Nagare was expanding to include other holistic methods of healing such as reiki, massage, sound healing and more. In order to reach new target audiences, they needed to first establish a brand foundation to stand out in the crowded health marketplace. In addition, the current Nagare website was outdated and didn’t accurately represent their authenticity and expertise.

Our Approach

We developed a beautiful visual brand identity for Nagare which included a refresh of the original logo design, selection of colorways and fonts, design of original business card and digital letterhead. The look and feel of the brand included bursts of light, calming colors and stunning photography. A new tagline and supporting messaging breathed life into Nagare’s story.

To showcase their new areas of expertise, REV developed a custom WordPress website designed to reach target audiences including potential clients, practitioners and partners. Ultimately, the site served as a starting point for individual’s looking to start their journey toward health and happiness. 


After a successful brand launch, Nagare has gained visibility and their online presence has grown across all channels. Owner Lisa Roche shares, “The best decision I made was starting to work with REV! I can’t wait to see what the future brings us.”


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