Communication Strategy for Human Resources Teams

We created REV Talent for one specific reason- to help companies create greater bonds with their employees. Bridging the gap between strategic communication and Human Resources translates into higher retention, quality new hires and improved morale. Whether your goal is to attract top talent or elevate the employee experience, we’ll work with you to develop a communications strategy that supports your goals.

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The Challenge

Human Resources teams across the country are under tremendous pressure to not just get people but also keep people. It’s no secret that the hiring environment is super competitive, especially in the post-pandemic world. In fact, 84% of employees are looking for new job opportunities in the next 6 months.

It seems like you have it all – a higher purpose, a welcoming culture, strong DEI initiatives, exceptional benefits and more. And yet, employees and candidates don’t connect with the brand or understand everything that you have to offer.

Our Approach

Create a communication strategy focused on the lifecycle of the employee. We assess your current environment, identify goals and develop custom solutions to help you attain an even more exemplary workplace.

Our simple REV Talent process starts with market research and brand positioning to set your communication strategy up for success. We’ll be there every step of the way to help implement tactics and measure results to improve the employee experience.

Our Solution

Employees are your greatest resource. Our job is to understand how your brand translates into human capital – your people and team, not just the products and services you’re selling.

We will work closely with your Human Resources team to revolutionize the employee experience by building and implementing a communications strategy designed to successfully recruit, manage and retain employees.



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Client Features

We’re proud to partner with select companies focused on creating inspired workforces. Companies that have a higher purpose and value their employees. Companies willing to energize change and put employees first to achieve success.


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