The Story of Two Pams

What could be better than one Pam? Two Pams. The story of Pam Collins and Pamela Downes began 10 years ago when their paths crossed at just the right time. Pamela was running a successful marketing firm and engaged a nonprofit organization as a new client. As fate would have it, Pam was busy building her rewarding career in the Development and Communications world at that same nonprofit. The two immediately developed a synergy that extended far beyond their matching names.

Through the years, Pamela and Pam continued working together to create a stand out brand for one of the region’s largest nonprofits. The partnership strengthened after multiple name changes and mergers that required two complete re-brands. Their talents and personalities differed but complemented one another at the same time.

Pamela and Pam joined forces to launch REV Creative Group- a full-service marketing agency. The dynamic duo believes in the power of authentic, purposeful brands that create memorable connections with audiences. They live each day knowing that the next chapter in the Pam story will be better than the last.

Founding Partner


Pamela Collins is an experienced brand-builder with the drive and skills needed to make stories come to life. ​Prior to founding REV, she spent 13 years managing Communications and Development for one of the largest nonprofits in New Jersey. She is known for her expertise in strategic communications and ability to build brands from the ground up.

Founding Partner


Pamela Downes is a talented visual translator with over 20 years of experience as Creative Director. Already a successful business owner, Pamela jumped at the chance to follow her entrepreneurial spirit and launch REV. She wholeheartedly values the opportunity to form sincere connections with clients — because positive energy creates successful relationships.


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